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4 Amazing Tips To Choose The Right Reading Glasses

Reading glasses work to improve the reading abilities of an individual when he/she is reading a book or looking at the computer screen up close. They are widely available in drug stores, pharmacies, and departmental stores like over-the-counter or prescription glasses. Although reading glasses can be purchased without any prescription, however, they are not for everyone. Designed for short-term wear, reading glasses work best for people having the same lens power and strength in each eye, good distance vision, and don’t have blurred vision

There comes a point, in almost everyone’s life, when you need reading glasses. Maybe in your 40s or earlier and provided that you’re reading this, your “time for reading glasses” has probably come. And also that you’re confused about choosing the right product for you. Right? Well, you’ve landed the right page.

Today we bring you 4 amazing tips that can help you with solving the “how to choose reading glasses” mystery easily.  But before that, you need to make sure that you need one. Here are some factors you need to consider before investing your money.

  1. Are you in your 40s and need a near-vision correction?
  2. Are you losing your ability to focus up-close objects?
  3. Is it getting difficult for you to read smaller prints?
  4. Can’t you read in low or slightly dimmer light?     

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, you need high-quality reading glasses. Marketers can offer you a wide variety of products, some will be fake and some genuine. If you want the right one for you, don’t miss out on the following tips!

Tips How to Choose Reading Glasses

1. Right magnification is a must  

Reading magnification is the reading power or the strength of the lens in your reading glasses. You must know what magnification you want otherwise your eyes will keep straining even if you read through the glasses. To determine what magnification you need, here are the two ways;

  • Diopter test
  • Trying different lenses

Diopter test can be taken when shopping from home. It includes reading a chart having rows of words in different font sizes corresponding to the reading strengths. Remove your glasses, hold the chart 14 inches away and continue reading it. See which font you can read clearly and which not, it will help you determine your magnification.

If you are shopping from a store, simply put on glasses with different lens power and see which ones suit your eyes the best.  

2. Material of the lenses must be known

Before you buy your reading glasses, ask the retailer about what is the lens made of. There are multiple options available so getting the right lens is tricky as well. Light-weight and low-cost plastic lenses don’t last for long. If you’re looking for a durable and break-resistant lens, polycarbonate lens material works well. For more guidance related to lenses, consider your eye doctor first. 

3. Frame construction must be inquired

When choosing the frames of the glasses, their construction and composite material must be considered first of all. Plastic frames, although come in a wide variety of colors and styles, are not that durable. However, frames made of metals like titanium are much flexible, handy, light, and long-lasting. Another thing to consider while frame construction is spring hinges. They allow a comfortable and secure fit without stretching out over time.

4. Make sure the lens is positioned correctly

One of the most common downsides of reading glasses in most of the stores is that their lenses are positioned wrongly and the wearer cannot look through the right parts. In such a case, your vision keeps deteriorating. So, when buying reading glasses make sure the lens is positioned correctly.

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