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Are N95 Face Masks More Effective than COVID Vaccines?

The world has struggled to adapt to the new normal routine of wearing face masks while surrounded by people. While you might have not have paid much heed to the significance of wearing masks during the initial phases of coronavirus, you certainly would have looked for reliable personal protective equipment later. There were reasons why Americans wore cloth masks and preserved the highly coveted N95 particulate respirators for the front-line health care workers. Now that we have sufficient N95 masks made in USA FDA approved options from reputed brands, you should upgrade your masks to have optimal protection against the more powerful strains of COVID-19.

COVID vaccines have been targeted for their efficiency against the Delta variant as it infects both the vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. However, the severity of infection in unvaccinated people is less than those who haven’t got their vaccine shots. It is the debate over masks and vaccines that has led to confusion over the effectiveness of both the measures for preventing the virus and we are still not sure about how long it will take to justify the efficiency of vaccines with new strains mutating continuously to alter their behavior. What we can do in the meantime is wearing face masks indoors and outdoors whenever surrounded by the public to keep yourself and everyone around you safe. Here are some more reasons to adopt as many personal protection measures along with vaccines and face masks.

How do Vaccines and Face Masks Work?

The reason why people are doubtful about the effectiveness of vaccines is that they can still catch the virus after getting a vaccine shot. Not knowingly, people start believing in the fact that the vaccine is causing coronavirus to attack their cells more conveniently which is certainly not true. The delta variant itself is so strong that it has affected more people than the previous versions did which may have caused vaccines to become a target. Whatever the reason is, there is no point comparing vaccines with face masks as both have a different purpose to serve. Vaccines will work on your immune response to deal efficiently with the pathogens entering the human cells while face masks will prevent the pathogens from entering your body. Both the prevention measures together build a stronger defense against the coronavirus pathogens.

How do Vaccines and Face Masks Work

Why You Should Wear Face Masks After Getting Vaccinated?

Face masks have proved to be the most effective defensive action against the ongoing coronavirus as it blocks the particles as small as 0.3 microns. It is critically important to wear an efficient N95 mask made in USA FDA approved to avoid risking your risk tolerance. Practice wearing the face mask consistently no matter how strongly immune you are to any virus. This will be a favor from your side to protect yourself and other people as you cannot be aware of the vaccination status of everyone around you. Inconsistent use of face masks will result in making the Delta variant even stronger with severe consequences to deal with in the future.

Mindful Approach for Repelling Delta Variant

It is critically important to focus on your mental and physical health is to build stronger immunity against such viruses. The unprecedented coronavirus indeed precipitated panic all over the world as people were unsure about how they should deal with the situation while saving themselves and others from the threat. Now that we are more aware of strategical preventive measures to be taken against COVID, we should try and stay relaxed as much as we can. A healthy mind supports is good for your physical health which also helps in repelling contagious pathogens and their variants. Moreover, be mindful while donning and doffing face masks as they may contaminate your hands or the environment if not disposed of properly. For reusing N95 respirators, store them in a breathable paper bag or in the open air to kill the pathogens naturally while you rotate other N95 masks for daily use. However, the rotation strategy was initially used by health care professionals due to the critical shortage of the highly coveted masks in the USA. American PPE manufacturers have successfully upscaled their production facilities to provide sufficient masks to keep everyone safe.

Wear Face Masks After Getting Vaccinated

Why You Should Buy American Made Masks?

American made masks are proof of the hard work and efforts put up for providing a solution to the critical shortage of N95 respirator masks during the initial phase of COVID-19. The ramped-up production facilities have not only come up with sufficient masks but also have been approved by NIOSH and FDA as reliable sources for high-quality masks. Online retailers are promoting reliable and genuine N95 masks to facilitate buyers and save their time differentiating between real and counterfeit options. However, buyers should carefully opt for online retailers providing reliable services. N95 respirators and KN95 face masks have different designs with the same efficiency to protect against coronavirus. The most prominent reason why more people opt for Medical grade N95 masks made in USA are the latex-free dual head straps providing a comfortable fit. KN95 face masks, on the other hand, are designed to have ear loops which is not usually preferred by most people as the loops are not very comfortable and may need readjustment to keep the mask in place.

Where to Buy Reliable N95 Masks?

It is safe to buy from authentic online retailers as you should still avoid going outdoors and exposing yourself to more pathogens. A reliable source for face masks assures you of the quality and standards followed by the manufacturing company. Medical Supply All is a supportive platform for promoting American-made N95 respirators while facilitating buyers with the availability of top-rated mask options to pick what suits them best. They have selected genuine NIOSH certified N95 masks that adhere to the strict guidelines for optimal protection against coronavirus, infections, diseases, and contaminants. The platform also offers other personal care products including KN95 face masks, disposable surgical face masks, reusable face masks, face shields, latex-free gloves, and hand sanitizers.