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5 Tips to Buy Online NIOSH Certified N95 Face Masks in United States

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many buyers to make their purchases online and there are good chances for this trend to continue in the post-quarantine world. While the shift towards a more digital world is good in many ways, people may still want to go back to shopping in brick-and-mortar stores to avoid buying fake or not-so-good products. Even though the market has become rife with inferior products, most people are still preferring buying online to save their time and effort. That’s exactly how lockdowns have impacted the e-commerce industry to grow immensely bigger than before with an even greater need for spotting fake products. Taking masking mandates into account, we need to realize the importance of wearing reliable face masks for protection against the highly contagious Delta variant. This is where the real struggle begins if you are not sure how to buy NIOSH-approved N95 masks. Here are some useful tips that will help you identify reliable N95 face masks made in USA.

Patriot N95 Mask

NIOSH Certification 

The most important indicator to look for in an N95 respirator is the symbol of NIOSH certification. Legitimate N95 face masks are approved by NIOSH after evaluating them to meet the quality, safety, and performance standards for optimal protection. Getting NIOSH approval is an extensive and rigorous process to ensure that N95 respirator masks can adequately protect individuals. It is therefore critical to look for the NIOSH approval mark before buying N95 face masks online.

Check the Labelling 

Legitimate NIOSH certified N95 face masks made in USA have TC numbers labeled on each mask which is an identification of its validity. You can easily trace this number using the CDC website and check the mask’s authenticity.

Medicpro N95 face mask made in USA
MedicPro N95

Look for the Perfect Seal 

American mask manufacturing brands have now prioritized protection with comfort to facilitate people in every possible way. There were days when frontline workers’ faces got bruised from wearing N95 respirators for long hours partly because of the head straps fitted tightly around the head to secure the seal. Now that manufacturers have incorporated comfort as a vital feature for designing N95 respirators, people can wear these masks comfortably at work. Make sure that the mask fits snuggly leaving no edges opened to allow pathogens to move in and out. N95 masks made in USA are the most effective of all other masks mainly because of their easy to wear design and efficient filter to block at least 95% of particles sized 0.3 microns or larger. Opting for an N95 with a perfect seal ensures that no particles are entering from the sides to disrupt the filter’s efficiency.

Choose What Suits You Best

There are multiple designs of N95 particulate respirators to suit your needs. It is preferable to choose the masks that allow for convenient storage before use. You can buy masks in bulk if they take up minimal space to save your time, money, and hassle for making purchases now and then. Online buying is still much more convenient than having to go to the store and buy what you can have at your doorstep. Choose from the designs available on from reputed American brands after going through the features and deciding what suits your best. N95 respirator masks are designed in a molded cup, duckbill, and foldable style taking up minimal space in your bag before use.

BNX N95 Mask NIOSH Certified MADE IN USA Particulate Respirator Protective Face Mask (20-Pack, Approval Number TC-84A-9315 / Model H95W) White 1
BNX N95 Face Mask

Verify the Source

Medical Supply All promotes reliable American-made masks providing optimal protection from viruses to keep everyone safe. There is no wonder why people prefer buying online as they get access to a huge variety of products online. However, it is critical to verify the source before buying any product online as sellers are continuously on the lookout for trapping you with counterfeits. Either buy directly from the manufacturers or major retailers such as Medical Supply All to get the best quality products for personal care. Also, check if the prices are reasonable as products being charged out of line open grounds for suspicion.