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The Reinfection Rate Of Omicron Variant Is Much More Than The Delta Variant, Says A Recent Study

The Coronavirus’s new variant named Omicron has once again fueled the fear of pandemic among people. As the rate of infection is rising, numerous studies are undergoing in order to explore even the minute details of this new variant. One such study has now revealed that Omicron can reinfect a person more than the Delta variant and its rate of reinfection is five times higher than the latter.  

This study was carried out by Imperial College London and its results are based on the data from the UK Health Security Agency and National Health Service data. According to the experts, Omicron and Delta variant have no evident difference of severity but the former was found associated with 5.4 times higher risk of reinfection. Furthermore, they stated that people who were two or more weeks past their second vaccine or booster dose are at an increased risk of developing symptomatic Omicron case as compared to Delta. The vaccines included in the study were AstraZeneca and Pfizer. 

What is an even serious matter of concern is that the researchers have no evidence for the extent of Omicron evading the prior immunity given by infection or vaccination. And it is a key impending threat to the health of public. Therefore, a special care must be taken this time as this variant is considered potentially more damaging and dangerous!

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