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Unemployment benefits; a ray of hope during the pandemic

The newly discovered Omicron variant is spiking the Covid cases all around the world. It is expectedly more dangerous and likely to spread faster as well. In the last three days, the rate of positive cases has reportedly doubled to 7.8% in New York State. And similar is the condition in other states as well. To control the situation, restaurants and Broadway are closing and people are losing their jobs once again.

It is the time when people are thinking of unemployment benefits and whether they are eligible for them or not. Well, for the majority of you wondering the same, it is a yes! However, the situation may vary from state to state because of the complex rules of the U.S. unemployment system.

According to senior policy advisors, the state workforce agencies will now determine the eligibility of an individual for such benefits. The workers can apply if they think they may qualify however, they must be very careful in filing their applications and avoid common and costly mistakes. Typically, in most of the states, workers who lost half their weekly work would qualify for these benefits.

For further details at CNBC, visit the link below.