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COVID-19 Hits Third Florida-Based Cruise Ship in A Week

A Carnival cruise ship with a small number of COVID-positive people aboard was denied entry to Bonaire and Aruba on Thursday, making it the third cruise hit by the virus in a week close after Royal Caribbean. The surge in Omicron cases despite stringent measures being followed at the cruise ships is a major concern for the U.S as the virus has somehow managed to infect even fully vaccinated guests and crew members. Although the majority of cases at the cruise ships have very mild symptoms, they still have quarantined themselves in a dedicated area of the ship.

No one is sure about how the Omicron variant shapes entry to some destination authorities having limited medical resources in the future. What now seems to be more of a concern is to improve protective measures being taken against Omicron variant which accounts for majority of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. The Carnival Cruise, already having to change its routes from Bonaire or Aruba to Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic on Friday is just a glimpse of how we’re meant to take all preventive actions to stop the Omicron variant from spreading rapidly across the globe.

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