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The Omicron wave will reach its highest in the USA by January end, warns Fauci

On Wednesday, Biden’s top medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, predicted that the latest wave of the coronavirus pandemic would reach its peak in the United States by the end of January.

According to him, it’s difficult to predict when the present outbreak of diseases, which is being fed by the omicron type, will begin to subside. However, in South Africa, where the highly transmissible new variant was discovered last month, it spiked quickly. It climbed almost vertically and then immediately turned around. He also noted that, considering the vastness of our country and the diversity of vaccination versus non-vaccination, he expects it will take more than a few weeks, most likely by the end of January.

If it becomes true that the variant, with its high degree of transmissibility, replaces other strains of the virus that cause more severe illnesses, Fauci believes it is technically plausible that omicron might speed the end of the pandemic. He went on to say that if a highly transmissible virus replaces another virus and [the replacement virus] has a lower severity level, it could be a good thing. However, there is no such thing as a guarantee.

Fauci emphasized that this virus has been known to deceive people in the past. Everything was supposed to be OK with the immunizations, but then came delta, which threw everything into disarray, and then came the omicron which has fuelled a tremendous increase in cases around the world, with the United States reporting record-breaking Covid infections this week. However, experts are still hopeful because recent data from plentiful countries show omicron infections are less severe than those from Delta.

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