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Can N95 masks prevent infections from the BA.2 variant?

Recent news says that a new variant is increasing the COVID-19 cases in the USA. From SARS-CoV-2 to delta variant and Omicron, the new variant in town is named BA.2. It is considered to be a sub-lineage of the Omicron variant and is currently being investigated for its disease severity and transmissibility. 

The general public around the world is once again under the threat of the COVID pandemic and is much worried about the emergence of various variants one after the other. Many people are concerned that since the variants emerging are potentially strong so would the older preventive measures like social distancing and wearing masks would be enough to protect against them. Most importantly, the credibility and efficacy of face masks are the biggest questions at present?

Well, that depends on the type of mask they’re wearing. BA.2 and other variants may slip through the simple cloth or surgical masks. However, an N95 face mask made in USA might be your savior in such cases.  How? Let’s find out.

The efficacy of N95 face masks

Healthcare experts say that face masks have always been an important tool during the pandemic. They have always been effective in alleviating the risk of acquiring COVID-19, no matter what variant was there. According to CDC, face masks are equally effective against Omicron and are thus expected to be protective against the BA.2 sub-variant. It is because they were never designed to be variant-specific. The basic aim behind their design and manufacture was to keep the germs at bay, regardless of their type. They do so by trapping and filtering the air we breathe.

The efficacy of N95 face masks made in USA is undeniable against the SARS-CoV-2. However, experts think that masks are an imperfect barrier and cannot guarantee maximum protection. With every variant coming forth, the germs are getting stronger and thus can slip through the masks easily. The greater the variant multiplies and infects, the lesser is the capacity of the mask to lessen its transmission as it can easily escape through it.     

Therefore, experts suggest that people must not rely on simple masks for their protection. They should always prefer N95s but that too is not alone but along with proper vaccination. 

The CDC officials claim that vaccines are by far the best measure to protect the public against the new variants. However, properly vaccinated individuals are still recommended to wear masks when going out in public. 

Where to get trusted masks?

It is to be noted here that not every mask type and brand can be trusted during the pandemic. Only NIOSH-approved N95 face masks made in USA are fully effective against the virus. Cloth or ordinary surgical masks may not serve the purpose well. Therefore, you should make sure to get the former from a high-quality brand.

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