Biden Considers The New Omicron Variant A Cause Of Concern, Not Panic

President Biden Speaks In The White East Room Before Departing For Europe

The US president, Joe Biden has opened up about his strategies regarding the new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 named “Omicron.” He states that this new variant is a cause of concern and not panic. He further talked about how is the American government ready to fight it.

According to Biden, the key strategy to fight this new stage will be vaccines, boosters, and preventive measures. There will be no lockdown for now. He urged the American population to get vaccinated soon and practice prevention as much as possible.

As per the president, the US scientists are putting all their resources into determining the anatomy of the new variant and he is confident that soon they’ll have enough information about it. He further added that as compared to the previous pandemic, the preparations are stronger now. America has the best vaccines, medicines, and scientists who will do whatever it takes to protect their people. To restrict the infectious spread, America has already put travel restrictions for South Africa and seven other countries. 

This briefing was based on the meeting between President Biden, Vice President Kamala Haris, and chief medical adviser Dr. Fauci.    

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