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Reasons To Upgrade Your Masks For Protection Against Omicron Variant

Reasons To Upgrade Your Masks For Protection Against Omicron Variant

Wearing face masks prevents people from spreading the highly contagious coronavirus variants causing them to lose strength over time. Scientists and public health officials recommend upgrading to the highest quality N95 respirator masks or at least three-ply surgical masks depending on the crowdedness of places to beat Omicron, the most dominant strain of coronavirus in the U.S. There’s certainly no place for wearing cloth face masks alone when N95 respirator masks are becoming more available after the crisis we’ve faced during the initial days of the coronavirus pandemic. Cloth masks are still acceptable and recommended only for masking to protect against damage while also increasing the filter efficiency of the protective barrier. Various masks available in the market have been tested for filtration efficiency and fit testing to avoid aerosol transmission which has further highlighted the significance of wearing well-fitted and high filtration masks.

It has taken longer for people to realize what exactly drives the coronavirus infection to infect people faster than other hybrid infections. While the scientists and health officials have keenly observed the variants along with their consequences, the reason for the Omicron variant being so successful at quickly infecting people is still unknown which has only underscored the actual role of quality face masks. But that in no way means that we can go mask-free with Omicron threats all around us. What’s certain about a face mask that is 95% efficient at filtering viral particles is that it will take at least 10 times as long before you get infected if you’re sharing air with an infected person. And this is exactly why we need to promote high-quality masks everywhere to protect against Omicron in the best possible way.

The experts don’t recommend trashing your cloth masks unless you have a medical-grade mask available as cloth masks are still preferred over wearing no mask at all. According to the CDC, cloth masks with multiple layers and higher thread counts have demonstrated higher filter efficiency but they are still less effective when compared to medical-grade masks. So, if you want to be well-protected against what needs the highest level of protection, you should definitely go for an upgrade from cloth masks to medical-grade face masks.

For further details visit CNN to have a better understanding of why these cloth masks are just not what you need in the light of Omicron. And if you find yourself convinced enough for buying medical-grade masks and want the best quality masks in the best price range, feel free to explore all your options available at

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