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3 Effective Features of N95 Face Masks to Protect Against Delta Variant

N95 respirator made in USA

The COVID-19 pandemic precipitated a panic wave with its unprecedented appearance to shake the whole world with its consequences. The need for managing the global crisis emerged as soon as there was critical shortage of N95 face masks in the USA while the health care workers struggled to find ways to protect themselves at work. Now that American manufacturing companies have successfully ramped up production facilities for premium quality N95 face masks, the Delta variant is also here with its full power and strength to remind us about the significance of wearing face masks regardless of your vaccination status.

Medical Supply All is a reliable and trusted source for proving the nation with high quality N95 face masks made in USA. It has top rated options in stock to facilitate buyers and convince them with comfortable designs featuring dual head straps or ear loops as per demand. The platform is a way to appreciate and promote American manufacturers for their collective efforts to provide the nation with sufficient PPE supplies.

Slows down Spread of Delta Variant

While the top down mask mandate in all of America makes no sense as you shouldn’t be needing face masks technically after getting vaccinated for protection against coronavirus. However, the other side of story makes face masks significantly essential as long as COVID-19 exists.  Someone who’s carrying the virus while not showing any symptoms is a danger to be around with if you are not wearing a mask. Likewise, it is critical to understand that you might become the transmission source for someone who is not yet vaccinated and the cycle goes on to make the new strains come back with stronger force.

Superior Protection with 95% Filtration Efficiency

The highly efficient filter blocks at least 95% of the infectious particles sized 0.3 microns or larger for optimal protection against viruses. NIOSH has approved a number of N95 face masks made in USA to make genuine and reliable options stand-out from the rest. It is therefore critical to understand the difference between real and counterfeit masks while also identifying genuineness of N95 face masks on the CDC website. Check the external markings on N95 face masks to make sure you are protected against aerosols.

Comfortable Design for Optimal Protection

The N95 respirators made in USA are designed with soft and latex free dual straps to help the mask stay in place so you don’t have to contaminate your hands while adjusting it. KN95 mask made in USA, on the other hand, have ear loops for people who prefer to have them instead of head straps. While there may be a couple of reasons to justify your preference, Medical Supply All facilitates you with both the mask types along with other essential PPE products including disposable surgical masks, gloves, face shields, gloves, and hand sanitizers. Prioritizing wearer’s comfort is the utmost goal for N95 manufacturers in USA to gain their trust and become independent of foreign supplies in the near future.

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