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How to Choose an N95 Particulate Respirator Mask for Coronavirus Prevention?

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Face masks have become an essential need with raging coronavirus creating havoc across the world. Wearing a mask certainly lowers the odds of contracting the virus from respiratory droplets of someone who is sick. It is the power of face masks that has made people prioritize wearing them as sheer protection against the novel coronavirus. However, the general population may find it difficult to choose from the various types of masks available in the market.

MedicalSupplyAll.com aims to help buyers find the right American made N95 particulate respirator mask from their wide selection of face masks. It is a reliable source for finding highest quality N95 face masks made in USA from well reputed brands in stock including 3M, ALG Health, BYD, DemeTech, Dobu Mask, Fangtian, Healthify, Kimerly-Clark, Magid, Makrite, Moldex, Sanical, and United States Mask. The availability of top rated options at one platform is very convenient for buyers to find safe and reliable personal protective equipment. Since, safety is the top most concern for everyone, it is crucial to also consider the model number with following factors while choosing an N95 particulate respirator mask for coronavirus prevention.

Performance Characteristics

Each N95 particulate respirator mask is rated based on five performance metrics including fluid resistance, breathability, bacterial filtration, particulate filtration, and flammability. N95 respirators approved by the NIOSH are tested for all these characteristics to ensure the effectiveness in specific conditions. Products from reputable manufacturers are tested by NIOSH to maintain safety standards. Hence, it is important to double check approved models from standard bodies before buying.  


Choosing a face mask which you can easily breathe through has its significance specifically if it is for long wear time. Masks with minimal pressure drop allow increased breathability and comfort for the wearer. Check for product features as credible manufacturers design N95 masks with advanced electrostatic media for easy breathing

Fitting and Comfort

A face mask that covers the nose and mouth to fit snuggly against the sides of the face is most effective against any virus. It is not recommended to slip the mask under your nose, over the forehead, or touch the inside as it may be contaminated. Moreover, face masks with comfortable adjustments are most preferred ones as the daily routine tasks involve wearing masks in public. Durable latex free material is used for N95 particulate respirators for added comfort while these can also be worn comfortably with a variety of eyewear and earing protection.

N95 with Valve or Without Valve

N95 masks with exhalation valves are generally not recommended by health organizations as they do not really slow down the virus from spreading. Losing the purpose for wearing a face mask makes it ineffective for preventing unfiltered breath from escaping into the environment. Vents in masks usually fail the coronavirus control strategies taken to stop exhaling virus into the atmosphere. Hence, it is preferable to choose N95 Particulate Respirator Mask without valve to keep yourself and others safe.

Price and Shipping

MedicalSupplyAll.com promotes PPE manufacturers in USA by supplying their products on a safe and reliable platform. Buyers may also check the CDC approved N95 respirator manufacturers list to ensure what they are buying. It offers personal protective equipment in affordable range with fast shipping services for the convenience of buyers. Moreover, they respond to customer’s queries with 24/7 customer support service for a smooth purchasing experience.

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