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Where to buy N95 masks for wildfire smoke protection?

N95 masks for wildfire smoke protection

Many states across America are regularly facing tragic wildfires which have significantly added to the air pollution in the respected areas. Moreover, the winds that blow carry the smoke to various parts of the country which is exposing a large population to hazardous pollutants. Inhaling such polluted air is often linked with the development of severe cough, scratches in the throat, shortness of breath, fatigue, asthma, and extreme headache. Also, the air causes many skin issues and the burning of the eyes.  

This wildfire smoke is an added threat to the people who are already dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Physicians say that it compromises the immunity-related functions which may cause the worst health-related outcomes. Therefore, they urge people to now protect themselves not only against COVID but this wildfire smoke as well. The safety regulations devised to serve the purpose include;

  1. Avoiding unnecessary outings and staying indoors until fires and smokes are under control
  2. Covering your face with the best n95 masks for wildfire smoke when going out
  3. Covering your eyes and skin (maximum) with protective equipment like safety goggles and gloves, etc.
  4. Keeping your doors and windows closed tightly
  5. If possible use an air purifier with HEPA filters

Among all these, the most considerable option is wearing masks. They offer you certified protection and minimum damage even if you have to go out. They protect you against the dangerous smoke particles present in the air by filtering the air you breathe. However, people often confuse the wildfire smoke masks with that ordinary masks. If you have similar doubts, we’ve got all the answers!

What are N95 masks for wildfire smoke?      

N95 masks for wildfire smoke are the ones provided with a filter of pore size much less than that of the smoke particles. The pore size of the filter is around 0.3 micron or even less so that the smoke particles don’t pass through it as they are larger. When you inhale the air from the atmosphere, it passes through the filter which captures all the germs and smoke particles present in it and passes clean air to your mouth only.

Some of the most effective and best n95 masks for wildfire include;

  1. Foldable N95 respirator mask, NIOSH certified patriot N95 mask
  2. N95 cup-shaped respirator, patriot N95 mask in stock, NIOSH certified – made in the USA
  3. Molded N95 respirator with exhale valve
  4. 3M AFFM-5 Advanced Filtering Face Mask Side Bands With Hook Attachment, One Size, 5-Pack White
  5. 3M Chemical Odor Cool Flow Valved Respirator, 2-Pack (8577CA1-C-PS)

The best part is that all of these masks are approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and guarantee filtration of 95 percent of airborne particles. They will not only protect you against the COVID-19 but are also effective for keeping wildfire smoke at bay.

Where to buy it?

Now that you know what are wildfire smoke masks and what type is the best and what benefits they offer you. You should also know that not everybody is going to provide you with a genuine product. Many impostors are selling counterfeits under similar names and claim similar characteristics. If you don’t want to fall prey to them, simply go and visit

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