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What Causes Bunions and How Can You Treat It the Genuine Way? 

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Bunions are deformities of the big toe of one’s foot where bony bumps form on the joint at the base of the big toes. It mostly occurs when some of the bones in the front part of the foot move out of place. This results in the tip of the big toe getting pulled towards the smaller toes and forces the joint at the base of the big toe to stick out. Most shoes are not designed to accommodate the protruding bunions and thus pressure increases on the misaligned joint causing pain and discomfort. 

Eventually, the bursa which is a fluid sac that surrounds and cushions the big toe joint becomes inflamed, and the entire joint becomes stiff and painful. Some other symptoms of bunions include swelling, redness or soreness around the big toe joint, corns or calluses, ongoing pain or pain that comes and goes, and limited movement of the big toe. To determine the severity of a bunion, clinicians perform an x-ray and measure angles between certain bones in the foot.  

Reasons for the Occurrence of Bunions 

Most people who suffer from bunions report wearing tight and narrow shoes but bunions can also develop as a result of the shape of the foot, a foot deformity, or an underlying medical condition such as arthritis. Shoes with narrow toes can trigger a bunion but they’re not the actual cause behind it. Bunions can be inherited from genes as they run in the families because foot type and shape run in the family and some types are more prone to the formation of bunions than others.  

While men and women are both susceptible to the formation of bunions, women are mostly sufferers. This is because women wear high heels for long periods which exacerbates the problem. After all, elevated heels tip the body’s weight forward, forcing the toes into the front of the shoe. Others who can be susceptible to the formation of bunions in their foot are people in occupations such as teaching and nursing, which involve a lot of standing and walking. Moreover, women can develop bunions and other foot problems during pregnancy because hormonal changes loosen the ligaments and flatten the feet. In addition, older women are also more prone to bunions because of foot disorders and sedentary habits. The more severe their bunions are, the lower their quality of life is. To prevent the formation of bunions, Bunion Corrector Socks are the simplest and most economical to gain the highest level of comfort.

Soothing Techniques and Treatment of Bunions 

 The first step to relieving the pressure from bunion pain is to wear the right kind of foot gear like shoes and socks. Shoes should have a wide, flexible, and soft sole to support the foot and enough room in the toe box to make room for the bunion. Next, come Bunion Corrector Socks which are designed to help reduce pain and discomfort associated with bunions, and Medical Supply All is a one-stop solution for all kinds of bunion relief socks. These bunion corrector socks can be worn throughout the day while performing everyday activities as they are designed to fit the natural curves of the feet and toes. The patented split-toe design helps in separating the big toe from the remaining toes, thus guaranteeing comfort and relief from stubborn bunion pain.

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