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Apple has reportedly closed three stores because of the rise in the COVID cases

Apple has reportedly closed three stores because of the rise in the Covid cases

As the number of Covid cases rises, one of the world’s biggest technology companies named Apple closes three of its stores on Wednesday. The three stores are located in Miami, Ottawa, Ontario, and Annapolis, Md.

The company officials report that the store employees will take a Covid test before they reopen. And that they will adjust and strengthen their health measures to support the wellbeing of their valuable employees and customers. The company further ensures commitment to regular testing with everyday health checks, deep cleaning, customer and employee masking, and paid sick leaves.

The company has already made it official for all the customers to wear face masks at all the stores in the United States. The closures are likely to be delayed depending upon the test results of the employees. However, the makers have already adjusted the store policies in response to the regional conditions. They are emphasizing online purchases instead of in-store shopping. 

This isn’t the first time that Apple has closed its stores. It has done so in 2020 as well. Also, the headquarters of the company in California has imposed a mask mandate for a month. In short, the company keeps citing the conditions during the pandemic and makes the wise move as needed.           

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