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Epidemiologists Declared Baggy Masks Useless Against Omicron

Living with the pandemic for almost two years, face masks have become an everyday part of our lives. We have a wide variety available in the market including cloth masks, surgical masks, N95 respirators, KN95 masks, etc. However, with the discovery of this new variant called Omicron the COVID landscape is changing rapidly and experts have stated that masks like that made of cloth or the usual blue surgical masks can’t cut it against the infection.     

A Toronto epidemiology professor named Dr. David Fisman says that people should uplift their mask game if they want to prevent the infection. Cloth or ordinary surgical masks cannot trap the infectious droplets from the wearers’ mouth which causes the disease to spread. This is because they are often very baggy and don’t provide a well-fitting around the mouth.

Fisman emphasized that people should wear masks like N95 or KN95 that provide better fitting on the face and blockage to the infectious particles. Also, these masks present an outstanding filter against airborne germs so that no harmful particle reaches the inside of an individual.          

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