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Eric Adams, New York Mayor, refuses to keep schools closed considering them safe for children

Eric Adams, New York Mayor, refuses to keep schools closed considering them safe for children

In the midst of the continued COVID-19 outbreak and an increase in children being hospitalized with the virus, Eric Adams, the newly elected mayor of New York City, appreciated the administration for doing the right thing, as they’ve kept schools open. Shutting down schools or returning to virtual learning, according to Adams, would be troublesome for many families. He also stated that the city has provided a range of services to assist in keeping schools as safe as possible.

The city has given out protective equipment like N95 masks and rapid testing to schools, in addition to forcing school employees to get vaccinated and both kids and staff to wear masks. However, despite these steps, staff shortages have persisted, owing in part to the Omicron variant. In New York, student are low in attendance, with over 30% of kids, or roughly 300,000 out of a million, missing class in the last week. Adams stated that he would continue to work with health-care professionals but that he had no plans to close schools.

Despite the fact that 70% of hospital beds in the city are currently full, Adams claims that hospitals are not on the verge of being overloaded. His medical team assured him the situation is stable, he stated. According to Adams, the city will continue to pivot and adapt as the pandemic evolves. People must learn to live with COVID, and they must do so safely by getting vaccinated and improving their immune systems.

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