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Face masks make people look attractive, research says

Amid the present COVID-19 pandemic, British academics have come up with an interesting study that states that people look attractive while wearing face masks. What is even interesting is that people with the normal surgical masks have been reported to look the best rather than those wearing classy handmade or cloth masks.

This respective study has been conducted by researchers at the Cardiff University. And to their surprise, people including both men and women were reported to look better with a face mask on.

In this regard, Dr Michael Lewis from the same university said that a similar research was carried out before the pandemic but its results were totally opposite to the ones reported now. People, back then, linked face coverings with diseases and illnesses and thought that they reduce facial attractiveness. And this study was a test to check if the public psychology has changed since masks are now the daily part of our lives.

Face masks make people look attractive, research says

This respective study suggested that this change of mind must be driven by two reasons. The first one being that people see healthcare professionals wearing masks all the time and associate them with care and affection. And secondly masks have been proven to control the infection spread therefore people feel safe in them.

The first part of the study was done in Feb, 2021 when people became familiar with wearing masks under certain circumstances. Around 43 women were shown pictures of men with and without masks and they rated their attractiveness on a scale of 10. All the participants stated people with masks much attractive but the ones with normal surgical masks were rated the highest!

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