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Kamala Harris tests negative: After close contact with a staffer who contracted COVID

Kamala Harris tests negative

After being in close touch with a staffer who later tested positive for Covid, Vice President Kamala Harris tested negative for the coronavirus. The exposure, according to Harris’ office, was a staff member who worked with the vice president all day on Tuesday before testing positive for the virus on Wednesday. According to her spokesman Symone Sanders, Harris is completely vaccinated and boosted and did not have symptoms. She also added that Harris is tested regularly, and had a negative antigen test Wednesday morning. After being notified about the close contact, she had a PCR test and tested negative.

According to the CDC’s recommendations, she will be tested again on Friday and then again on Monday. The Vice President will go about her daily routine as usual because the CDC does not require fully vaccinated people to quarantine following an exposure. Others who had close contact with the staff members are also being called and asked to be tested, Sanders stated.

President Joe Biden had also been in close touch with another White House staffer who later tested positive for the illness, according to the White House. Thankfully, the president’s blood was found to be negative.

For more details at CNBC, visit the link below.

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