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Military medical help set out by Biden to help hospitals among six US states, reports says

Military medical help set out by Biden to help hospitals among six US states

On Thursday, the U.S. President Joe Biden announced that he had deployed six military medical teams to six different states including New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, and New Mexico. The teams were sent to control the situations in the hospitals overwhelmed with patients. The deployed teams comprised of 120 personnel in total and they were all intended to meet the staff shortages as an increased number of doctors and nurses are falling prey to the Omicron surge.             

Biden also added that his administration is planning to buy 500 more COVID tests and they shall be distributed for free across America. Since Thanksgiving, America has set out 800 military and emergency help. On top of that, 14,000 National Guard members have been activated in 49 states and all of them are instructed to assist the COVID response. Moreover, in order to cope with the situation, Biden has got America with more than tripled the national stockpile of high-quality N95 face masks. Biden said that he had made certain that doctors, nurses, and first responders have all of the masks they require and never again will nurses in hospitals seen wearing handmade masks and rubbish bags over their clothing because they don’t have protective gowns.

Biden also stated that his administration would also provide highly protective masks to Americans who cannot buy them for free. In December, when the Omicron was fast overtaking the delta variant, Biden announced his proposal to deploy 1,000 military medical personnel to support hospitals. Additionally, hospital beds are being provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, as well as ambulances and EMS crews to assist with patient transfer.

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