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New Jersey declares public health emergency due to Omicron spike

New Jersey declares public health emergency

Governor Phil Murphy, New Jersey, declared public health emergency on Tuesday. The decision came as Omicron continues to overwhelm hospitals all across the United States. The healthcare workers are struggling to keep up with patients flooding in hospitals and COVID cases are continuously rising.    

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated that results of sequencing revealed that 95% of the present cases being reported are that caused by the Omicron variant. Although vaccines and booster shots are effective against it, the utter volume of cases is a point of great concern.

Phil Murphy, while updating about the situation in New Jersey, told that NJ is seeing around 35,000 COVID cases daily and in the last 15 days, 10,000 residents have been admitted to hospitals. This re-declaration will allow the state to implement certain emergency powers like mask mandates and limited outings, etc. However, Murphy ensured that this emergency won’t affect the day-to-day lives of the residents. It never means new universal mandates, lockdowns, and business restrictions at all. The actual aim behind it is to somehow control the infection spread due to this new variant.

Dr. Shereef Elnahal, president at Newark’s University Hospital, said that half of the beds at the hospital are occupied by Corona patients. Many of them are those who were admitted for some other reasons but ended up catching the virus. However, according to Elnahal, COVID infection is the biggest worry. The thing that is the most dangerous is the demoralization of the workforce in healthcare settings. The world is losing talented medicos, the ones with great knowledge and energy.          

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