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Omicron bringing back the horrible flashbacks of 2020

Omicron bringing back the horrible flashbacks of 2020

With the discovery and rapid spread of the Omicron variant, people are once again under the deadly threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. The restaurants in different states of America, including New York, are closing every day. The lines at the Covid test centers are swelling with every passing day. And people are reviving the dark memories of what a nightmare 2020 has been. 

The New York state had been the global epicenter of the pandemic. The city which never sleeps was deserted for days, weeks, and months. The streets were empty and hospitals were full. 34,000 lives ended in the name of the SARS-CoV-2. And it is once again in danger! More than a dozen restaurants and bars have to be closed in a few days because of the upsurge in the Covid case count. People are very afraid that this time the situation is going to be even worse.

To control the situation, government and health officials urge people to get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible and practice preventive measures as much as possible. Because these are the only way to safety.

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