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Bunion Relief Socks by OrthoSleeve, Patented Split-Toe Design with a Cushioned Bunion Pad Separates Toes, Relieves Bunion Pain and Reduces Toe Friction (Black, Grey, White)

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About this item

  • Patented Split-Toe Design: OrthoSleeve’s BR4 Bunion Relief Socks have a patented split toe design which separates the big toe from the remaining toes thereby helping to realign the structure of the foot to reduce toe friction and bunion pain.
  • Targeted Cushioned Bunion Pad: Additional cushioning surrounds the large toe joint to reduce the risk of callouses developing and soreness around the toe joint.
  • No Bulk: BR4 Bunion Relief Socks are thin enough to be work in any shoe without adding pressure to the sensitive area. Our socks are designed to be worn daily during everyday normal activities to help reduce pain associated with bunions. We gently separate the toes to help reposition the bunion more comfortably. This is Not a re-alignment device.
  • Sizing and Fit: Our socks are designed to fit the natural curves of your feet and toes. We use a y-gore heel to help with alignment for the perfect fit. Base your sizing off your shoe size, if you have wide feet we suggest you size up.
  • Comfort and Support: Bunion therapy in a thin, moisture-wicking comfort sock. Seamless comfort design and targeted padding provides support to the foot and toes to keep your feet healthy in a more wearable option. Four targeted zones of compression promote circulation, reduce friction, and aid recovery.
  • Breathable Fabric: Our socks are made with the highest quality micro-nylon/Lycra spandex combination. Treated with silver ions to promote freshness and moisture-wicking agent helps eliminate moisture build-up to keep your feel cool and fresh all day. Orthosleeve products are latex free.

Bunion Relief Socks

Product Description

Suffer from bunion/hallux valgus pain or toe friction? Looking for some added protection?

OrthoSleeve’s BR4 Bunion Relief Socks can give you the relief that your toes crave without the use of splints, toe spacers and other uncomfortable gadgets!

The OrthoSleeve BR4 Bunion Relief Socks are the complete bunion treatment…in a sock!

  • The BR4 provides wearable relief in a therapy sock.
  • Available in 2 colors and 3 sizes for the perfect fit.
  • Patent Pending “Split-Toe” design separates toes and relieves pressure causing built-up friction.
  • Specifically targeted padding provides support to the feet and toes keeping your feet healthier and happier.
  • The BR4 is made of thin, lightweight, breathable moisture-wicking micro-nylon material.
  • Odor controlled and breathable by eliminating sweat and moisture build-up.
  • Perfect relief for your feet….Our socks are right for you!

Try us out, we know you’ll love our socks!

This is a product made by foot care experts with the highest attention to excellence in manufacturing and product development.

Hand wash and air dry for extended product life.

Wear Anytime… Anywhere!

Wear our BR4 bunion socks comfortably anywhere and arrive pain free!

Our protective, supportive, and comfortable split-toe design makes this a go-to wearable relief all day long. Unlike rigid bunion splints, braces, toe spacers, or bunion pads, our BR4 Bunion Relief Socks easily replaces your normal day-to-day socks and provide the relief you desire. A built-in “relief zone” features extra padding in a specially designed zone of comfort and prevents further damage by acting as a barrier, preventing blisters and continued rubbing from footwear which can lead to increased irritation of sensitive areas.

Don’t Let Bunion Pain Slow You Down!

The BR4 is made with moisture-wicking, extra durable and soft micro-fiber nylon that provides extra cushioning without the bulk.

Make the OrthoSleeve BR4 your first and last choice in Bunion Relief.

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