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Vive Post Op Shoe for Broken Toe Injury


Experience quicker healing and reduced pain after foot surgery with Post Op Shoe. Perfect for broken toe injury recovery, bunionectomy, hammertoe, and more.


Experience Pain Relief and Improved Recovery with Vive Post Op Shoe

Vive Offloading Post Op Shoe for broken toe is an advanced recovery tool specifically designed for those recovering from foot surgery or suffering from toe injuries and bunions.

Manufactured by Vive Health, a reputable brand in medical supplies, this post-op shoe provides optimal protection and comfort for your foot. It’s available in various sizes (X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large), so you can find the perfect fit.

  • Brand: Vive Health
  • Size: All size
  • Specific Uses For Product: Swelling, Bunion
  • Use for: Foot
  • Age Range: Adult

Key Features of Vive Post Op Shoe:

  • Please refer to the sizing chart before purchasing to ensure the best fit. Note that extra space between your toes and the shoe is ideal for protecting your toes.
  • Reduces Painful Pressure on the Toes: Thanks to its innovative design, the Vive offloading post-op shoe effectively shifts the weight to your heel, minimizing the pressure on your toes and forefoot. This feature makes it an ideal choice for protecting broken toes or diabetic foot ulcers, and aiding recovery after bunionectomy, hammertoe, or mallet toe corrective surgery.
  • Easily Accommodates Bandages and Swelling: The shoe features two wide fastener straps and includes two extender tabs, making it easily adjustable and accommodating of bandages, dressings, and swelling. Designed to be used on either the left or right foot, this versatile post-op shoe meets various medical needs.
  • Advanced Toe Protection: The wedge healing shoe is equipped with a wide, square toe box, acting as a bumper and providing greater protection for sore or injured toes. Enhanced with dense foam padding, it cushions your toes and forefoot, offering you greater comfort throughout your recovery.
  • Lightweight and Non-Slip Design: Built with a durable rubber, the offloading surgical walking boot base is not only lightweight but also features a deeply textured surface, ensuring greater traction and stability on any surface.


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What’s Included in the Package:

The Vive Offloading Post-Op Shoe is more than just a shoe; it’s a recovery companion, making your healing process more comfortable and safe. Included in the package are the Vive Offloading Post-Op Shoe and two extender tabs.

Ideal for Various Foot Conditions:

Indicated for post-surgery recovery, bunion, hammer toe, and other foot surgeries, this shoe is a must-have for adults who want a swift and comfortable recovery.


Vive Post Op Shoe sizing chart


Ajustable Bandages:

Secured with two wide fastener straps, the offloading post op shoe is easily adjustable and includes two extender tabs to comfortably accommodate bandages, dressings and swelling. The post op shoe features a neutral base for use on the left or right foot.

Reduces Painful Pressure On The Toes:

Designed to minimize pressure on the toes and forefoot by shifting the weight to the heel, the Vive offloading post op shoe is ideal for protecting broken toes or diabetic foot ulcers.


Best Post Op Shoe in US

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Unique Offloading Design

Exceptionally lightweight, the offloading surgical walking boot base is made with a durable rubber. The rigid base is deeply textured to provide greater traction and stability on any surface.

Order Today for a Comfortable Recovery

Step into comfort and protection with the Vive Offloading Post-Op Shoe. Trust to supply all your medical needs. Order now and enjoy nationwide delivery across the USA. Your road to recovery starts here!


Vive Post Op Shoe for Broken Toe Recovery

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