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Why You Should Choose NIOSH Approved N95 Masks Made In USA

COVID-19 has given a whole new turn to our lives and it’s even hard to imagine getting our coronavirus-free lives back any soon. Now that we’re nearly going to end living our third with this dreaded virus, many variants have emerged, many of which have further mutated into sub-variants. The emergence of new variants hasn’t […]

How Do You Know If an N95 Mask Is Right for You and Your Family’s Needs? 

N95 mask for family

The rapidly spreading variants of Coronavirus have prompted many people to upgrade their cloth masks and surgical masks to higher quality NIOSH approved N95 masks made in USA. But that’s still not what the whole nation has done. With a dizzying array of masks available in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, people often […]

Can N95 masks prevent infections from the BA.2 variant?

Can N95 masks prevent infections from the BA.2 variant

Recent news says that a new variant is increasing the COVID-19 cases in the USA. From SARS-CoV-2 to delta variant and Omicron, the new variant in town is named BA.2. It is considered to be a sub-lineage of the Omicron variant and is currently being investigated for its disease severity and transmissibility.  The general public […]

Reasons To Upgrade Your Masks For Protection Against Omicron Variant

Reasons To Upgrade Your Masks For Protection Against Omicron Variant

Wearing face masks prevents people from spreading the highly contagious coronavirus variants causing them to lose strength over time. Scientists and public health officials recommend upgrading to the highest quality N95 respirator masks or at least three-ply surgical masks depending on the crowdedness of places to beat Omicron, the most dominant strain of coronavirus in […]

Kamala Harris tests negative: After close contact with a staffer who contracted COVID

Kamala Harris tests negative

After being in close touch with a staffer who later tested positive for Covid, Vice President Kamala Harris tested negative for the coronavirus. The exposure, according to Harris’ office, was a staff member who worked with the vice president all day on Tuesday before testing positive for the virus on Wednesday. According to her spokesman […]

90% of the COVID cases reported in the U.S. account for Omicron, reports CDC

90% of the COVID cases reported in the U.S. account for Omicron

As per the latest data released by the CDC, by Saturday 73% of the cases reported in America were that of Omicron variant. The health officials in the United States reported that Omicron accounted for 2.9% of all cases through Dec, 11 which was later revised to 12.6%. However, now Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director […]

As Compared to Lungs, Omicron Multiplies Faster In Airways, Reveals A Recent Research

Omicron new variant

Researchers from Hong Kong reported that the effects of Omicron can be predicted if the major differences between its multiplication and that of other variants are studied carefully. After extensive research in this respective area, they’ve now come to know that Omicron multiplies 70 times faster in the air passages as compared to the Delta […]