The World Isn’t Prepared For The Pandemic, A Study Finds

The World Isn’t Prepared For The Pandemic, A Study Finds

Recently, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, Economist Impact, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security have prepared a Global Health Security Index. This index measures the extent of preparation for various health emergencies and problems. And it shockingly finds that all the countries around the world lack critical capacities which hamper their abilities to respond to epidemics and pandemics effectively. Based on this finding, American researchers report that the world isn’t prepared for the next pandemic. In fact, some countries are not even prepared for small outbreaks of diseases. 

The average country score in 2021 was found to be 38.9/100 and the highest score was just under 76 and it was achieved by the United States of America. On the other hand, the worldwide average for preventing the release of pathogens was found to be 28.4/100. The index report further reveals that almost 113 countries around the world show little to no attention toward diseases transmitted from animals to humans.

Researchers from the John Hopkins Center for Health Security urge leaders around the world to make sustainable investments in the new capacities created during the 2019 pandemic. As it will strengthen their countries against future health threats.

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