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Why You Should Choose NIOSH Approved N95 Masks Made In USA

COVID-19 has given a whole new turn to our lives and it’s even hard to imagine getting our coronavirus-free lives back any soon. Now that we’re nearly going to end living our third with this dreaded virus, many variants have emerged, many of which have further mutated into sub-variants. The emergence of new variants hasn’t slowed down to date and it’s quite obvious that coronavirus is not going to end its continuous juggling of variants anytime soon. Acknowledging this fact has not been much of a struggle since many of us have already experienced at least some sort of an infection that made us realize the importance of wearing face masks.

People have prioritized taking precautionary measures more than anything now to avoid falling sick again. This virus is indeed so strong that it can cause infections despite the immunizations taking place across the world. So, all we can do is best of the best to stay safe while keeping everyone around us protected. The way this virus mutates into its variants is quite complex and dealing with the increasing number of mutations can become tougher which is why we still need to wear masks and follow as many recommendations as we can.

Optimal Protection

Finding an NIOSH approved N95 mask was a daunting task during the initial phase of coronavirus. But now, it seems like a breeze as there are plenty of mask brands and online platforms to buy face masks. Medical Supply All is one of those reputable online platforms providing the best NIOSH approved N95 masks made in USA to make it as convenient as possible for people to get authentic PPEs at reasonable prices. Depending on one’s preference, the use of masks can protect oneself from the existing and emerging COVID-19 variants and that’s the most important reason to keep wearing these shields for personal safety.

N95 VS KN95

Best Quality Masks

Although some people prefer surgical masks over N95 respirator masks for daily use, N95 masks remain high in demand with the increasing strength of growing variants. And this makes people prefer the highest quality masks for optimal protection. But how should you choose the right N95 mask remains confusing for first-time buyers. There are three main things to consider while buying a mask that ultimately gets you the perfect fit. Firstly, you need to look for the label that mentions NIOSH and the lot number so you double-check that it is an NIOSH approved N95 mask made in USA. Secondly, you should select the right size depending on your face shape. A perfectly fitted mask should cover your mouth, nose, and chin to form a seal while blocking the particles from escaping. Thirdly and most importantly, you need to choose a reputed brand with masks approved by NIOSH so you get all the essential features required in a good face mask. You can review some products to have an idea of how people find them and minimize your risk of buying a not-so-perfect mask for yourself.

different types of face masks infographic
types of face masks infographic

Different Sizes Available

Most N95 masks made in USA come in three different sizes, small, medium, and large. Each size is designed to make the rubber seal fit perfectly on different people. Even people with bulky or larger faces will be able to find the perfect size so they can maximize their protection against coronavirus without worry. Medical Supply All offers the best products from reputed brands which is why people find it more convenient and safe to buy any size or type of mask from there. Buyers save their time by having all the best products on a single platform instead of searching for different websites of those brands. However, finding the right type and size is still something you should be careful about while going through different products on the website.