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There is no federal solution to COVID surge, it needs to be solved at state level, says Biden

On Monday, President Joe Biden promised his support for governors dealing with the Omicron strain of Covid-19. He also noted that states will have to take the lead in containing the outbreak. Biden stated just before a meeting with several of the country’s governors that there is no federal solution for this pandemic, this is to be resolved on a state-by-state basis. Those remarks are one of the clearest indications yet from the Biden administration that it will need state and local governments’ assistance in combating the spread of Covid-19.

The president may be concerned that federal efforts to contain the virus will be ineffective without the participation of states. The remarks could also be an attempt to increase pressure on governors to play a bigger role in battling the disease. Biden advised the governors to say something if they need anything. He vowed that the Biden administration will be there for then in whatever way they can.

The administration intends to make the tests available to all Americans for free, support more immunization and testing centers, and send 1,000 military medical personnel to help hospitals across the country. For more information at CNBC, click here;